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Save time & money

locate the system

BEFORE installing the hot tub or building that new barn.

Locating tips

Today Septic tank risers, must be installed two inches above grade. Risers, lids, and/or manhole covers are generally easy to spot. Older tanks however might not have visible parts.

Drain field may be depicted by shallow, parallel depressions marking the drain lines. It is not common for large trees or rocky areas to surround the drain field.

The “as-built” drawing, if one exists, is a map of the system for a particular piece of property. Contact the county health or sanitarian department and request a copy.


Magnetic locator

For locating the tank and distribution box(es).

Active sonde tracers

For mapping out lines and drain field.

power line locator

Direct and Inducted to ensure power lines go undamaged.

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